A player can equip up to 24 abilities at a time. Each player has a maximum of 1000 equip points to split between abilities and equipment. In total, there are 400+ abilities that can be unlocked and improved by completing trials and spending essence points (which you get as post-match combat rewards) at NPC trainers or by spending gold at NPC mentors. Once a trial is completed, mentors will offer the remaining abilities that were not obtained through that trial for a small amount of gold or silver. Sometimes it is necessary to unlock specific abilities before progressing through the trials to unlock further abilities.

Each ability has 10 tiers to its effectiveness. Higher tiers will improve the amount of damage or healing delivered, reduce the cool down, or otherwise improve the effectiveness of that ability. Higher tiers are obtained through completing trials or purchasing from mentors. (Note: While higher tiers increase the effectiveness, they will also increase the equip cost for that ability. Finding a balance between effectiveness and equip cost is essential.)

All abilities are associated with four Schools (which may be more easily identified by archetype):

  • Life (Champion and Healer)
  • Growth (Warden and Oracle)
  • Death (Destroyer and Invoker)
  • Decay (Overlord and Defiler)

These are further separated into two Disciplines:

  • Physical
  • Spiritual

Each ability is also tied to one of four Elements:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Air
  • Nature

Abilities function within a charge system which is tied to the four elements. Most abilities either build charges or consume charges. While the charge building abilities are typically less powerful, powerful abilities will consume charges, and the more powerful abilities will consume more charges. However, in order to use consumption abilities a player must first build up enough charges. Abilities can also manipulate charges on allies as well as opponents. This can greatly affect a player's ability to perform effectively. (for more information see: Charge System.)

The following charge elements oppose one another:

  • Fire <=> Water
  • Nature <=> Air

There are functional abilities for damage, healing, mobility, buff, debuff, etc across nearly every school, discipline, and element. However, some abilities have more specific requirements such as range (e.g. 0-5m), weapon type (e.g. melee weapon only), position (e.g. rear half), etc. All of these things make abilities weaker or more powerful in combinations with equipment and other abilities. Putting all of this together in a cohesive and effective way will determine a player's incarnation.

Ability List Edit

The following list is broken down by archetype. These archetypes do not limit the abilities that can be equipped. Click below to view the abilities associated with each archetype. From there, click on any ability to view its details.

For a full alphabetical list of abilities, go here. (Sorting options coming soon.)

School of Life

School of Death

School of Growth

School of Decay


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