Since Fury is focused on PvP, the game has plenty of clan support. Creating a clan is done through an NPC called the Guild Master on the lower level near the outside center of the sanctum. To create a clan, you must be in a group of 4 members and speak with this character. Choosing a name and then choosing to form the clan is quick and easy at this point, and as the clan master you will be given several new options in the clan tab of your social menu. To invite members into your clan you can either meet them in person, right click on their status bar when they are targeted and choose clan invite. Otherwise you can simply type ( /claninvite playername ) into the chat line to invite them regardless of where they are in the world (as long as they are not in a match presently.)

Clans provide an easy way of keeping in touch with friends and communicating via the /clan chat. Players in the same clan will more often be grouped in the same sanctum between matches than they would otherwise, and clan mates appear on the main map (m key) as yellow arrows which makes finding them easier.

Each clan has 10 ranks. The clan leader can set the permissions for each rank and even name the ranks. On the clan menu, you can see who is online and where they are. For clan mates that are offline, you can see when they were last logged in. The clan leader (or any ranks which have this permission) can change an announcement at the top of the clan menu which shows up for any members who view the clan page.

There will also be clan halls, but no details have been given yet.

For a list of Fury clans, click here.

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