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Game Info

Fury Overview

According to game developer Auran, Fury is a PvPMMO. It focuses on intense player vs. player (PvP) arena combat. In fact, the whole game involves PvP only, so if you don't like PvP, Fury is not the game for you. If, however, you enjoy PvP and can't get enough, Fury is a godsend. The fast-paced action is silimar to that of a FPS, but there is no aiming, so there isn't as much "twitch." With an available 400+ abilities, but only being able to bring a limited amount into battle, you'll have to use some strategy.

In Fury your character will have no class restrictions. You are free to acquire and use any and all abilities in the game, allowing you to be as focused or diverse as you want for any given battle. Before each battle, you can change your character's skill set using any abilities and equipment you possess, thus removing the need for having multiple alts (alternate characters). This is why Auran has decided to limit one character per account. An advantage (or disadvantage depending on how you look at it) of that is your friends and guildmates will know you by one name and not have to keep up with several names.