Popular Overlord BuildsEdit

There are many popular overlord builds that are used daily by noobs and pros alike. If you are looking for a new idea to try, this may be the place for you.

2h WeaponEdit

Many builds that use 2-handed weapons ARE NOT Overlords, they are another archetype (such as champion or destroyer) with a 2-handed weapon for Charge Manipulation. An Overlord is often considered the best class at offensive charge manipulation (as opposed to oracles). If you are not using any abilities specific to your archetype's weapon, then you may want to consider using charge manipulation abilities with a 2-handed weapon.


Considered by many to be an amazing ability, Shieldcrusher is the center of many overlord builds. It is a Fire ability, and drastically reduces the opponent's armor, thus heavily amplifying any incoming damage done to them. This is often augmented with Uppercut to reduce armor further. Some Shieldcrusher builds are:

Fire/Air OverlordEdit

This build builds fire and air charges, and then uses a sequence of abilities to deal a massive amount of damage in one big hit, but to do this requires much preperation and patience. Step 1: ShieldCrusher. Use tier 10 of this if possible, and keep doing it until all 3 Debuffs are on your opponnent.
Step 2: Uppercut. Use uppercut to further augment ShieldCrusher's Effect.
Step 3: Berserker's Rage. Use Berserker's Rage to further increase your damage.
OPTIONAL STEP: Retribution This can further increase your damage but its effects are not as significant so many choose not to use it.
Step 4: Power Shot Using Power Shot will double the next X amount of air dammage done to the opponnent.
Step 5: Shatter! Shatter Will now hit for a massive amount of damage.
Step 6: Lockdown Now that you have spiked them, they should be at much lower health. You must now use abilities such as Magilock, Firewater, and Warpwood to make sure that they do not heal while you continue to beat them down with Shatter and Dual Strike.

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