Trials are the PvP equivalent to quests. They are obtained from NPCs in Sanctuaries. To complete a Trial, you must trade in Essence. Each Trial requires a certain amount of Fury essence and either Growth, Decay, Death or Life Essence depending on which Archetype the Trial is for. The rewards for completing Trials are gaining experience towards higher ranks for you avatar and unlocking new abilities, as well as higher ranks of abilities you've already unlocked. The amount of essence required to complete a Trial depends on the tier of the ability being unlocked. For instance, a Trial for a Rank 8 ability will require more essence than a trial for a Rank 3 ability.

Your first Trials are found in the center of the Sanctarum, these give the beginning abilities for each Archetype. After that you have to move down to the hallways surrounding the Sanctarum, where you will find more advanced Trial NPCs. For the highest tier abilities, you'll have to enter a specific zone. There are 4 of these zones, found at the end of each hallway, Decay, Death, Growth, and Life. Inside you will find battlemasters, Faction gear, and the highest tier Trial NPCs, as well as Mentor NPCs (Used to purchase previously unlocked abilities).

Trial TreesEdit

Each archetype has a number of trials which are accepted by speaking with NPCs throughout the sanctuaries. In order to unlock more trials, a player must complete previous trials. Completing additional trials can either unlock new abilities or promote current abilities to higher tiers. Following is a link to each of the archetypes' trial trees.

School of Life

School of Death

School of Growth

Warden (coming soon)

Oracle (coming soon)

School of Decay

Overlord (coming soon)

Defiler (coming soon)

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